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    June 19, 2011


    Coming Soon reported that The Weinstein Company have arranged their future schedules with tonnes of new movies, either vying for audience entertainment or for Oscar nominations. There is no surprise that the distributor has found some fond success with the victorious The King Speech grabbed the Best Picture in the recent Oscar, and they intended to keep it that way. Here are the list of new release dates been attached for their new offerings:


    Fans of Scary Movie franchise will have something to cheer for. It's been almost 5 years since the last installment (Scary Movie 4) was released. Hailed one of the best spoof movie franchise ever, the new project might have found itself a director, David Zucker whom will continue to helm after previous two efforts. There is scarce details about this project since it was first announced in 2009 while Anna Faris, Anthony Anderson and Regina Hall have all expressed interest in returning for the sequel. While we are unsure when the production that supposed to play a spoof on the Final Destination film series, as well as Paranormal Activity and the Child's Play film series; we are now assured that the tentative release date will be on April 20, 2012.


    The reboot of the pyschopath killer Michael Myers movie (or popularly known as Halloween franchise) is now set. Under Patrick Lussier (My Bloody Valentine) and Todd Farmer script, the reboot in 3D is now scheduled for October 26, 2012 release under Dimension Films. It is believed that the movie will pick up after the events of Rob Zombie's Halloween II, where the story will concerns on Laurie Strode in a mental hospital. (Source: Shock Till You Drop)


    The long-awaited Marilyn Monroe film will now have a release date of November 4, 2011 attached. It is a British drama film, directed by Simon Curtis and written by Adrian Hodges. Michelle Williams will take on the role of the controversial and iconic sex figure. It co-stars Kenneth Branagh, Eddie Redmayne, Dominic Cooper and Emma Watson.

    The movie sets in the summer of 1956, Colin Clark works as an assistant on the British set of The Prince and the Showgirl, which stars Laurence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe, who is also on honeymoon with her new husband, playwright Arthur Miller. When Miller leaves the country, Clark introduces Monroe to British life and they spend a week together, during which time she escapes from her Hollywood routine and the pressures of work.


    The critical-lauded French silent film that makes its debut at the recent Cannes Film Festival will have an opening on November 23. Michel Hazanavicious's black and white silent film depicts on the a declining male film star and a rising actress, as silent cinema grows out of fashion and is replaced by the talkies in Hollywood between 1927 and 1931.


    Ralph Fiennes' directorial debut, a war film entitled Coriolanus will open on December 2. The movie stars Fiennes, as well as Gerald Butler, Vanessa Redgrave, Jessica Chastain, Brian Cox and James Nesbitt. The war movie is an adaptation of Shakespeare's tragedy Coriolanus - about a banished hero of Rome allies with a sworn enemy to take his revenge on the city. The film premiered Out of Competition at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival in February 2011 and it opened the 2011 Belgrade International Film Festival.


    The biopic about former British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher as portrayed by Meryl Streep is now scheduled for release on December 16 in the United States while audiences in the native UK, will be seeing it on January 6, 2012. The film will be narrated through a series of flashbacks, including the 17 days leading up to the Falklands War in 1982, one of the highlight during Thatcher's career as the Prime Minister. Jim Broadbent co-stars as her husband, Denis Thatchet with Phyllipa Lloyd (Mama Mia!) directs.

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