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    June 19, 2011


    "When a barbarian feels thirst, it is a thirst for blood" - that's the latest remark uttered by Conan, as portrayed by Jason Momoa in the new trailer feature. Yes, the latest trailer for Conan the Barbarian offers the red band feel this time - meaning you have to be over 17 to be able to watch this! Yes, the Lionsgate-produced action-adventure-fantasy movie that itself is a sort of remake or reboot to the Conan movies by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 80s, is directed by Marcus Nispel and stars Jason Momoa, Rachel Nichols, Stephen Lang, Rose McGowan, Saïd Taghmaoui, Ron Perlman, Leo Howard, Steve O'Donnell, Raad Rawi Fassir, Nonso Anozie, Bob Sapp and Milton Welsh.

    Catch the red band trailer below (you have an option of viewing using Trailer Addict or Youtube below). Once again, strong warning for plenty of bloody action and fornication act as well:

    Plot synopsis of Conan the Barbarian sounds like this:
    "After his father is murdered and village destroyed, Conan ventures into an unforgiving world where he survives as a thief, pirate, and warrior. On his path of wanton adventure and women, Conan chances upon the warlord responsible for his tribe’s destruction. As he tracks Khalar Zym, Conan battles monsters, Zym's henchmen, and Marique, a powerful witch."

    The bloody action flick will find its thirst quenched coming this August 19 in the United States while it will arrives in Malaysia a week later. Of course, it will be featured in normal format and in post 3D conversion.
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