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    June 23, 2011


    The Snow White folk tale is now one of the most talked about subject matters in the Hollywood these days. Consider this, Relativity Media and Universal Pictures are racing each other to develop their own take of the popular franchise. For those who are still confused about the two different projects on-going at the moment, best you should have read this article first before you decided to go on reading this. To be safe and to avoid confusion of course!

    News round up from The Hollywood Reporter has now reported that Universal Picture's version has rounded up the castings of the seven dwarfs. Contrary to the previous report this week on Green Tea Movie's article which took its source from Slash Film where Universal Pictures is aiming for eight dwarfs to be featured on their revisionist version of Snow White. Nevertheless, we are sure that the last one will come pretty soon. With THR's report that British actors Ray Winstone joining the cast, we now have seven dwarfs cast with the complete list as follows:
    • Ian McShane as Caesar: the eldest, with the longest beard.
    • Stephen Graham as Nero: the angry one.
    • Eddie Izzard as Tiberius: the biggest and burliest.
    • Eddie Marsan and Ray Winstone as Hadrian and Trajan, respectively: the twins.
    • Bob Hoskins as Constantine: solemn and blind.
    • Toby Jones as Claudius: the timid one.
    What's left in the list of eight dwarfs is the character Gus: young, unbearded, seemingly smitten with Snow White (as described by Slash Film).

    Rupert Sanders will direct Snow White and the Huntsman from a script by Evan Daugherty. The movie will follows Eric, the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) been charged by the evil queen (Charlize Theron) with killing Snow White (Kristen Stewart). Instead of killing her, Eric mentors her in the ways of survival and combat. Sam Claflin (Ian McShane’s co-star in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film) will play the Prince in the movie. Shooting is set to start in August, for June 1, 2012 release.
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