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    July 9, 2011


    The MGM's financial furores and troubles have indeed held back several movie projects over the last few years. With the financial crisis has now settled for the better part of many lives, the remake of Red Dawn is now set to open later this year and Peter Jackson's The Hobbit has finally moving into shooting after years of stalemate. One of the financial victim, Bond 23 (temporarily entitled, I believe) is now all clear and will be starting the production very soon. The latest is Bond 23 has already added three main talents - Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes and Naomie Harris. More details after the jump.

    Slash Film picked up a story and it seems that both Academy Awards winning gentlemen are confirmed for the film. It is not really a shocker considering director Sam Mendes has been eyeing both actors for quite some time now. While no other details on what specific roles they will be playing, addition of the two great talents do add in a lot of credentials for the movie, which aims to better itself from a less than stellar predecessor Quantum of Solace.

    Meanwhile, Naomie Harris (28 Days Later, Ninja Assassins and Tia Dalma from Pirates of the Caribbean films) is now confirmed to play Miss Moneypenny in Bond 23. Who Miss Moneypenny you ask? She is the secretary to M, who is James Bond's boss and head of the British Secret Service (MI6). She is a regular but small characters which feature prominently in various Bond films but was made absent for the last two films (Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace). With the casting if Naomie Harris as Miss Moneypenny, there is chance that the character may enjoy bigger role in the Bond's world and some form of romantic relationship between Bond and her should, at the moment, not to be discounted at all.

    [SOURCE: Slash Film]
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