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    July 31, 2011


    What happens when you mash Johnny Depp, animation and Western gun-slinging action together? Yes, you got one great movie called Rango. If you have not watched Rango when it first came out in theaters back in March, here's a chance for you to do so. Of course, it will be in this lovely DVD formats for which you can now bring it home and enjoy in your comfort of living room.

    Here's the plot synopsis of Rango, in case you may want to know more:
    "Rango is a fantastic and innovative western style animation available on DVD. Rango the lizard, brilliantly voiced by Johnny Depp, finds himself wandering into a town called Dirt, a lawless outpost in the west. He makes loyal friends with an armadillo named Roadkill and a desert iguana called Beans. Together they walk blindly into the troubled world of Dirt that is drying up of water. Rango’s dramatic adventure begins by narrowly avoiding death from a hunting owl. Inadvertently Rango gives vital information to a band of robbers who hit a bank in town. Dirt’s mayor tracks Rango down and forces him to confess his doings, Rango deserts the town ashamed. It is not long before Rango realises that the mayor has his dirty hand in blocking water supplies and Rango sets out to confront the mayor. Rango’s journey ends him up in jail, then escaping and narrowly avoiding death by flooding in his cell. Rango’s courage holds firm in this heroic tale where good overcome evil."

    In Green Tea Movie's review for Rango back in March, we called Rango, "a smart movie for audience who wants something different. It is burst to life by a perfect musical score, enchanting CGIs and creatively visualized. Unfortunately, the movie at times tries so hard to impress but that do not work all the time."

    So, are you now into the game of adventure for Rango, played by the eccentric Johnny Depp? Here's an offer from Tesco Entertainment for which you cannot resist after all. Now, you can get Rango DVD by simply heading over to the Tesco Entertainment website and order one. The Rango DVD that you purchased includes special features, all at one low price of £9.99. If you get yours from Tesco entertainment, they guarantee you some awesome features like double Clubcard points, Pre Order Price Promise policy and free UK delivery on everything. For your information, Rango DVD has been available since 25 July.

    Tesco Entertainment offers more choice besides The Switch. For the full list, hits over the selection of other available titles with Tesco DVDs.
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