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    July 8, 2011


    While the shooting for the Christopher Nolan-directed and the most anticipated movie of the year 2012 that serve as the closing episode of Nolan's Batman is currently on-going in England; the rumors about The Dark Knight Rises just never cease to keep pouring in. Latest rumor, actor Adam West whom we best known for his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the 1960s Batman TV series is going to be in the third Batman movie. Yes, technically it is still a rumor. Read more about the rumor after the jump.

    The news as Green Tea Movie picked up from an article at Screen Rant, originated from This Is Nottingham which sounds like this:
    "This is Nottingham: “Has anyone else spotted Adam West knocking around in Nottingham? I’d heard the rumours that he was appearing in a small role in the new Batman film, but didn’t really believe it until today when I saw him in a pub near Woolaton Hall.

    Now while news like this may offbeat from any direction, rumors about The Dark Knight Rises are some prime example that we can neither take things too serious or too lightly these days. What implications do Adam West have on the Nolan's movie itself? West is more akin towards comedy and a regular feature on Family Guy. You may ask, how would his appearance affecting the nature tone of Nolan's Batman? We know how dark and serious Nolan is taking with this Batman and oh boy, how much we have enjoyed this dark philosophic thriller revolving the cape crusader. It will be unlikely Nolan will be making it looks silly, instead it is definitely that the third movie is another dark movie to begin with. The chances are; West may turn himself to provide some less stressing moment or character to ride on - giving some fun factor to the movie.

    No matter how we may have ended up envisioning West's position in The Dark Knight Rises, West involvement is still merely a rumor. As usual, expect lack of confirmation notes from Nolan's camp. By the way, with the final Harry Potter movie is inching closer to release, we might have a chance to look on the teaser of The Dark Knight Rises as well. Keep those fingers crossed!

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