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    July 8, 2011


    Last week, Green Tea Movie brought you two interesting image stills from Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. Head back to this link to view Bilbo (Martin Freeman) and Gandalf the Grey (Ian McKellen). While Peter Jackson has allowed only on some access to its characters and story, he is kind enough to release a brand new image promo photo of three of the 13 dwarfs in the movie. Head on after the jump to view the promo photo.

    New Line Cinemas and MGM have released the promo photo of Nori, Ori and Dori which you can view below:
    Photo credit from Coming Soon

    Nori, Ori and Dori are played by Jed Brophy, Adam Brown and Mark Hadlow respectively. According to official description provided:
    "These three brothers, all sons of the same mother, could not be more different from each other. Dori, the oldest, spends much of his time watching out for Ori, the youngest; making sure he’s not caught a chill or got himself killed by Wargs or Goblins. Nobody quite knows what Nori gets up to most of the time, except that it’s guaranteed to be dodgy and quite probably, illegal. Dori, Nori and Ori are intensely loyal to each other – and whilst they are perfectly happy fighting amongst themselves, woe-betide any anyone who means harm to one of these brothers."

    This is some of the early previews that Peter Jackson managed to get to us with his adaption material. The Hobbit is still actively shooting in New Zealand and we are pretty sure there will plenty more interesting pictures coming really soon. Green Tea Movie will update you once we have.

    In The Hobbit, a total of 13 dwarfs will be appearing - namely Fili, Kili, Oin, Gloin, Thorin Oakenshield, Dwalin, Balin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Dori, Nori, and Ori. Here is the list of those portraying them (beware, it will be a quite a long list):

    • Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield (The leader of the Company of Dwarves who have set out to reclaim the Lonely Mountain from Smaug the dragon)
    • Graham McTavish as Dwalin and Ken Scott as Balin (brothers)
    • Aidan Turner as Kili and Dean O'Gorman as Fili (brothers, nephews of Thorin)
    • Jed Brophy, Adam Brown and Mark Hadlow as Nori, Ori and Dori respectively
    • Peter Hambleton as Gloin (father of Gimli in the Lord of the Rings trilogy) and John Callen as Oin (brothers)
    • William Kircher as Bifur
    • James Nesbitt as Bofur and Stephen Hunter as Bombur (brothers and cousins of Bifur)

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