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    July 28, 2011


    Photo credit: Slash Film

    Universal pictures has finally unveiled the first teaser trailer from their upcoming epic battle movie based on Hasbro's Transformers 4 oops; Battleship. If you have not already known, the movie has been circling on the internet for quite some time since 2009. The movie itself, of course, is based on the popular 1950s strategic-and-guessing toy will have a movie version coming up next year, directed by Peter Berg (Hancock). Of course, you can view the teaser trailer after the jump. Plus, Green Tea Movie also debuted the first teaser poster.

    Here is the teaser trailer for you to enjoy. The poster will follows right after the embedded video.

    From CS: "Peter Berg (Hancock) produces and directs the May 18, 2012 release, an epic action-adventure that unfolds across the seas, in the skies and over land as our planet fights for survival against a superior force. Based on Hasbro's classic naval combat game, Battleship stars Taylor Kitsch as Hopper, a Naval officer assigned to the USS John Paul Jones; Brooklyn Decker as Sam, a physical therapist and Hopper's fiancée; Alexander Skarsgård as Hopper's older brother, Commanding Officer Stone of the USS Samson; Rihanna as Lt. Raikes, Hopper's crewmate and a weapons specialist on the USS John Paul Jones; and Liam Neeson as Hopper and Stone's superior (and Sam's father), Admiral Shane."

    The teaser looks like one hella battle scene but the trailer ends with quite a cheesy and "stupid-coolness" it tried to attempt. I will not go even further by commenting that the alien ship looks like the one in Transformers 3. Dear Peter Berg, I need a more decent trailer the next round okay? Battleship is coming on May 18 next year in cinemas in the United States and here in Malaysia.

    [SOURCE: Coming Soon, Slash Film]
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