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    September 1, 2011


    Call it a gamble or not. 20th Century Fox has announced yesterday that Max Payne-helmer, John Moore will be directing the fifth Yippee-kay-yay adventure. The new John McClane film, currently been mentioned as Die Hard 5 is officially a go with the announcement. Read more about the announcement after the break.

    In the early of August, Green Tea Movie got information that Fox was seriously considering John Moore, as well as a list of possible directors to take the job. Besides Moore, those in the list of been eyed by Fox were Joe Cornish (Attack the Block), Justin Lin (Fast Five) and Nicolas Winding Reyn (upcoming Drive).

    Joe Cornish would be a viable choice considering he is just off from a highly critical success with Attack the Block but his visionary is still young. Justin Lin appeared to be the fans favorite due to his critical acuity when it comes to handling an actioner. Fast Five is an example how he changed the franchise into something spectacular on the sight of the actions while never let the popcorn runs low but he is busy with plenty of projects in his hand at the moent. Nicolas Winding Reyn will be another excellent option to go by since he has developed more fans with his latest action thriller Drive.

    It appears that John Moore is the closest name since day one of the search but his past resume is not something can be proud off. Max Payne flopped badly, The Omen 2006 was much more an unwanted horror remake while 2004's Flight of the Phoenix was forgettable. Is it a bad news? May not be necessary. Someone in the movie critic circle did compliment his style as been "a Peckinpahesque, neo-Eisenstein stylist whose grade-B material has kept him from receiving the acclaim he deserves". That person is Armond White. Oh no!

    Anyway, Die Hard 5 is drafted by Skip Woods (The A-Team and X-Men Origins: Wolverine) and was believed to center around John McClane and his son in a mission to save the world in Russia. Now do speculate how a local New York detective got involved in a matter of urgency in Russia? Plus, no mention of his daughter played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the fourth movie in the script.
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