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    February 7, 2012


    The wait is over. After a round of a trip to the American-based movie blogs, I found a lot of new love for Sony Picture's upcoming 'The Amazing Spider-Man'. This new love phenomenon could must have been attributed to the reportedly amazing sneak previews “The Untold Story Begins” run by Sony Pictures at several cities across the globe this morning (yesterday in the U.S.). You can check the eight-minute  preview been discussed by Slash Film at this link here. Meanwhile, an official full trailer has finally landed online for which you can enjoy right after the jump.

    With the release of this trailer, it feels imminent now that director Marc Webb is taking this into a new direction. Would this be epic would depend when its final cut arrives in theater but all I do see right now is a more 'emo' Spider-Man, played by Andrew Johnson (The Social Network).

    There do, in fact, shares some common details with the original Spider-Man trilogy by Sam Raimi, particularly the web-swinging scenes. Now, most of the common details do stop right there. The story - is a new piece of work that ties up Peter Parker's parents into this one, seems and feels much closer  to the original comic books. The trailer also bears witness to the first glimpse of our antagonist - Dr. Connors, aka The Lizard.

    Marc Webb directs 'The Amazing Spider-Man' with this 3D presentation will star Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen, Sally Field and more. It will open on July 3, 2012 (in the U.S.) and July 1, 2012 in Malaysia.

    UPDATE: Sam Raimi's version of Spider-Man is akin to Tim Burton's Batman. Marc Webb's version of Spider-Man is akin to Christopher Nolan's version of Batman.
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