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    March 26, 2012


    With the release of ‘The Hunger Games’ this week, many will swarm into the theatre to watch one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Thus, generating a record-breaking box office would be pretty much on the book. Green Tea Movie offers a little FAQs and guides for the movies. I bet the hardcore fans will know of these stuffs more than me but this article is for those who have zero or little idea about this movie or the trilogy itself. This is Green Tea Movie’s “The Hunger Games (Unofficial) FAQs and Guides”



    The organizer of The Hunger Games is called the gamemakers. They are the one who decides on the rule, course, setting and the progress of the competition. They are also the committee that designs the vast outdoor arena and deadly obstacles for each year's games.

    (Un)lucky 'Tributes' will be escorted by a government-elected chaperone to the Capital. Each chaperone is uniquely assigned to a specific district. Their jobs are pretty simple - supervises the reaping ceremony, watch over the selected tributes over their welfare and escorting them to the Capitol.

    Also assigned to the pair of tributes are a mentor and a stylist. A mentor is usually a living victor from each district assigned to teach the tributes about survival and combat skills. Usually one victor will be mentoring one tribute but if only one surviving victor is available, the mentor will be mentoring both of the tributes. Mentor's tasks besides shaping their tributes to be prepared for the games, must also to help the tributes to garner sponsorship from the rich sponsors for emergency gifts to be sent to the arena. For example, if the tribute is injured, a medical supply can be sent.

    A stylist meanwhile helps to groom one tribute from each district to present them to the sponsors for the "first impression" and training evaluation. The tributes have only a week to prepare themselves for the games as well as to impress the sponsors. Each tribute will also be evaluated by the gamemakers from the score of 0 to 12. The higher their training score is, the higher the risk and stake they have as they could easily been the target by any forming packs.

    "The Hunger Games" begins at starting site known as the Cornucopia. At this point, the Cornucopia will have plenty of supplies that could help the tributes to survive, but will be the end for many as the race to obtain the supply will always turn into a bloodbath.

    As it is a survival competition, the tributes will fight to the death. Each death will be signified by a loud cannon. The game will lasts until only one survivor left. The sole surviving tribute is now known as the victor. The victor may win a new house for themselves and their families in their district, along with supplies of food, fame and wealth.


    Every 25th edition of "The Hunger Games," the Quartery Quell version will be held to mark the anniversary of the districts' defeat by the Capitol. It is just like any other version of "The Hunger Games" but it involves more deadly twists that could make the game more difficult to compete in. A small box contains small yellowed envelopes containing specific instructions for each Quarter Quell. These instructions were planned at the founding of the Hunger Games, with plans in place for hundreds of Games.


    In "The Hunger Games", several repeating symbols occur throughout the movie:

    Bread. Representing survival, life, love and friendship. When Katniss mourns Rue's death, the sponsors of District 11 sent Katniss some bread during the game. The District 11 is giving her hopes for survival, connecting a friendship and love. In another event, Peeta as the baker's son in District 12, throws the left-over bread to the starving Katniss in the middle of the rain.

    Silent salute. Representing respect and gratitude. When Katniss volunteers herself to replace her sister during the reaping, she earned the community's respect and wish-of-luck. Similarly, during the mourn of Rue's death, Katniss offers the same salute as a gesture of respect as Rue has been a dear ally.

      Mockingjay. Representing rebellion and survival. According to the book, the Capitol considers the mockingjay as the symbol of rebellion (see flora and fauna). Mockingjay pin is the token Katniss wears during the game, a symbol of survival and rebellion. The pin was also wore by Maysilee Donner, a tribute who died in the 50th Hunger Games.The symbol of this bird is used as the symbol of rebellion following Katniss win in The Hunger Games by defying the Capitol. According to the book, mockingjay is a hybrid bird. During the "Dark Days", the Capitol developed the genetic-engineered bird called jabberjays, used as hearing-spy drones on the land of District 13. However, the experiments failed and the jabberjays became useless, abandoned in the wild. The jabberjays (supposedly only the male were created) breeds with the female mockingbird to give birth to a new species known as the mockingjay.
        Dandelion. Representing survival and knowledge. This symbol is barely mentioned in the movie in a bigger picture. In the novel, when Peeta gave Katniss the left-over bread, the first thing she sees is the dandelion

        Fire. Representing renewed passion and anger. Katniss and Peeta's outfit, designed by Cinna during the entrance parade stun the audiences representing the anger and renewed passion for the underdogs.
          For more in regards of The Hunger Games glossary, please visit http://www.nextmovie.com/blog/hunger-games-glossary/

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