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    April 10, 2012


    May 2012 will not only see the arrival of The Avengers to the big screen but the beginning for the production of the third Iron Man movies. Expect the familiar faces to return; including Robert Downey Jr in his alloy suit, Gwyneth Paltrow as the lovely Ms. Pepper, Don Cheadle in the War Machine and Scarlett Johansson in the female fatale Black Widow. Not a complete casting I would say considering the villain role is still blank out there. There is a news resurfacing few hours ago that says Walt Disney has approached Sir Ben Kingsley for a role as the main villain. Let’s go right after the jump to see what villainous role Ben Kingsley is in talks with.

    Latino Review reports that the new director Shane Black is approaching the plot for this third Iron Man film from the perspective of one of the most critically-acclaimed Iron Man comic books, ‘Extremis’. In ‘Extremis’, the sort origins of Tony Stark/Iron Man are retold on the way that he introduced himself with nanotechnology serum which fuses the man and the machine; whiles throwing away the need for Stark to put on the exoskeleton suit we are familiar with, stated Screen Rant.

    For years, the franchise helmer has expressed the northest interest in having Mandarin into the villain role. Even before he left, previous director Jon Favreau stated his desire to see Mandarin in the third film.

    Unfortunately, the latest incept from Variety will trashes that hope (I guess). Sir Ben Kingsley is in the final negotiations to play one the villain in Iron Man 3 but it will not be Mandarin we are talking about. It seems like THR is reporting the same which suggesting Ben Kingsley will not be the main villain we will be looking for. In fact, in ‘Extremis’, Mandarin is the one who got his hand on the nano-bugs and turning it into a deadly virus.

    But then, if you think Mandarin and Ben Kingsley do not share any similarity in terms of physical facial look, you should judge the picture above and the picture below.

    Yeah, that is what I am talking about!

    Perhaps, Ben Kingsley may still ends been Mandarin after all considering the possibility that thing could still change-up in the final moment before shooting begins in North Carolina next month. Still, I am rooting for Mandarin, as Liam Neeson’s Ra’s al-Ghul!
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