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    April 4, 2012


    Come this July 5th, the firework will be put to display, someone will get away and there just might be some cases of alien sex reported. Now don't think of otherwise because what I am telling you is real. Katy Perry will get her first 3D feature on theater really soon and it seems like that date is drawing a few notches closer with the release of the latest trailer of her 3D concert movie. Hit the jump and get started.

    The 3D movie seems to be similar to other 3D concert movies which have MJ, JB or Glee in it. While MJ and JB did have plenty of cash-in, the same cannot be said about Glee. True indeed, concert movie is still a risky business to venture and the results tend to be polarizing.

    Yes that once again this 3D movie will intercepts music, concert and documentary footage in between. Paramount Pictures' small film division, Insurge  produces the movie since a year ago, trailing Katy Perry around her California Dream tour in 124 dates. In recent press release, the 27-year-old said she was excited to take fans "behind the cotton candy clouds" in the movie, which promises to reveal details of her life on- and off-stage.However, this trailer would seemed to indicate the movie would focus far more on her world tour than her impending divorce from comedian Russell Brand.

    Whatever the trick or endgame would be, no one can denies Katy Perry's big star worldwide. Her latest album, Teenage Dream is still rocking up the charts worldwide. The album itself has spawned six number one singles - the latest, "Part of Me" just few weeks ago.

    With the movie rocking the cinemas in the United States on July 5th, there is no words if this movie will arrives here. I believe it will!
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