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    August 29, 2012


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    The summer is coming to an end just as usual at the end of August. Over the last four fiery months, we have seen plenty of memorable and winning movies which include three superhero affairs, talking teddy bear, the usual alien affair and highland fairy tale princess. Of course, in the same period, we also saw misfires like an unnecessary 90s remakes, misplaced vampires and dull popcorn flicks. Summer 2011 was a not major letdown in terms of the number of high quality films, but was still obnoxiously countable. This summer scores not much improvement in that terms but the concern is that the box office sales slump by 5 percent below last year, according to Reuters report. More details after the break.


    Analysts point out that the summer sales are likely to suffer because of a few reasons:

    • The intense competition from the Olympics, which drew record TV ratings. More than 219.4 million Americans tuned in, making this year’s Olympics the most-watched event ever in the US TV history and NBC was clearly the winning TV station that benefits the most. The closing ceremony did steal 31 million Americans away from the theatres. (Source)
    • A number of prolific summer flops. Summer flops varied from Universal’s Battleship, Warner Bros’ Dark Shadows, Sony’s Total Recall and That’s My Boy, and Fox’s The Watch.
    • Nervousness following a mass killing at a “Dark Knight Rises” midnight show in Colorado. While no estimate of overall box office sales loss is available, general analysts agreed that the shooting gave huge impact on The Dark Knight Rises. Some put the figure as high as $60 million.


    Nevertheless, the total U.S. box office is still ahead of last year by a small margin of 4 percent at this point, due to exploding spring releases like The Hunger Games, Safe House and The Vow. Spring releases generated 14 percent increase over last year with the three films leading the chart. The domestic year-to-date sales are at $7.4 billion, only 4 percent above last year.


    Business as usual as we look at the top grossing films of the summer 2012 in the U.S. Box Office, as in the table below (source):

    RankMovie TitleStudioTotal Gross*
    1Marvel's The AvengersWalt Disney$ 617,800,446
    2The Dark Knight RisesWarner Bros$ 423,088,380
    3The Amazing Spider-ManSony Pictures$ 258,423,379
    4BraveWalt Disney$ 230,174,296
    5TedUniversal Pictures$ 214,880,255
    6Madagascar 3: Europe's Most WantedParamount Pictures/DreamWorks$ 214,030,500
    7Men In Black 3Sony Pictures$ 178,515,577
    8Snow White and the HuntsmanUniversal Pictures$ 154,932,775
    9Ice Age: Continental Drift20th Century Fox$ 153,756,800
    10Prometheus20th Century Fox$ 126,305,587
    Note: *The grosses are updated as of 26 August 2012


    Even with the distractions resulted by the Olympics and Euro 2012, the numbers from overseas markets remain strong. Analysts projected that the foreign market shares will remain between 45% to 65% for most major blockbusters. In fact, the top ten summer films are on this trend. Ice Age: Continental Drift has accumulated $662 million from non-US markets (compared to a dismay $153.8 million domestic), showing the increase significant of foreign market to the studio revenues. To further illustrate this situation; here are the top movies of the year so far with apt comparison between the domestic and the foreign figures (source):

    RankMovie TitleUS Gross*Overseas Gross*Worldwide Gross*
    1Marvel's The Avengers$ 617.8 M$ 874.0 M$ 1,491.8 M
    2The Dark Knight Rises$ 423.1 M$ 519.0 M$ 942.1 M
    3Ice Age: Continental Drift$ 153.5 M$ 665.0 M$ 818.4 M
    4The Amazing Spider-Man$ 258.4 M$ 446.5 M$ 704.9 M
    5Men In Black 3$ 178.5 M$ 443.4 M$ 622.0 M
    6Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted$214.0 M$ 369.0 M$ 583.0 M
    7Brave$230.2 M$ 212.3 M$ 442.5 M
    8Snow White and the Huntsman$ 154.9 M$ 239.0 M$ 393.9 M
    9Ted$214.9 M$ 155.7 M$ 370.6 M
    10Prometheus $126.3 M$ 214.8 M$ 341.1 M
    Note: *The grosses are in million (M), updated as of 26 August 2012


    The table below listed the top ten biggest summer film in Malaysia (source).

    RankMovie TitleTotal Gross*
    1Marvel's The Avengers$ 10,965,615
    2The Amazing Spider-Man$ 7,099,068
    3Battleship$ 6,415,419
    4The Dark Knight Rises$ 5,507,541
    5Men In Black 3$ 5,110,670
    6Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted$ 4,086,685
    7Snow White and the Huntsman$ 3,626,479
    8The Expendables 2$ 3,626,479
    9Ice Age: Continental Drift$ 2,625,253
    10Total Recall$ 2,330,639
    Note: *The grosses are in USD. The top ten may not be accurate as no local and Asian films available for update here

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