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    August 20, 2012



    Genre: Comedy/Horror
    Release Date: 09 August 2012
    Running Time: 90 minutes
    Distributor: Great Pictures
    Director: Namewee
    Screenplay: Namewee
    Starring: Namewee, Farid Kamil, Diana Danielle

    Plot Synopsis:  In a small town located in Klang, a rogue named Te Sai steals a ring during a gangster's memorial ceremony, not knowing that it is haunted. The ring hosts the ghosts of three former gang leaders who begin to haunt Te Sai as he is carrying their ring. Te Sai soon finds out that the trio were killed by a traitor whose personal agenda threatens the very foundation of unity between the three gangs. Guided by the ghosts, Te Sai must now do what he can to unify the gangs and avoid a tragedy that may result in the deaths of many innocents.

    Review: There is no better opening remark than to say that our Malaysian-born (local boy) Namewee has done the unspeakable again. Hantu Gangster is his second film feature following last year’s successful (albeit somehow) Nasi Lemak 2.0. Clearly, this movie is all about the racial unity and harmony – something that our government failed to commit and to protect at times. This theme is justified and it anchors Hantu Gangster to open at the appropriate time when the National Day is just around the corner.

    In Hantu Gangster, Te Sai (Namewee) is a small-time thief who lives with his son in a small town in Klang. In one of those coincidences, all three gang leaders of the Malay, Chinese and Indian gangs are murdered, sparkling an uneasiness and suspicion among the gang members. During the memorial service to honor one of the deceased gang leaders, Te Sai steals a ring that unbeknown to him; is haunted by the ghosts of the three. Instead of making Te Sai’s life creeped to hell, they guided him into a strange mission to expose the traitor whose personal agenda threatens the very foundation of unity among the three gangs.

    Hantu Gangster marks another garbage-tainted local production that carries so much nationality theme but ends up been a laughing-stock for the essences and quality. If his previous film managed to portray the theme about racial unity in proper maneuver, this is clearly the worst attempt you can ever imagine. The plot and script are clearly disjointed, weak, and utterly-random with lacks of proper sensibility. What is more disappointing is that when certain provocative elements are used to stereotype the races; the keris and beer bottle, among others. Clearly Hantu Gangster is also a hypocrite too.

    Namewee uses the usual slapstick humors to coat the story but brings nothing but with more absurdity than it can contain. There are too many unrelated scenes, unfunny moments and wrongful representations about the importance of having gangsters in the daily life. It is even more unacceptable that while the movie boasted with excellent variance and ensemble casting, most of the characters are deemed unnecessary and undeveloped at all – clearly talents are largely wasted to the gutter!

    I hate it when a noble thematic in a supposedly message-filled movie is abused with absurdity and stupidity. In the end Hantu Gangster is a garbage movie that goes nowhere with its weak and random plot, over-the-top and unfunny humors and lacks of sensibility. I would have just watch Nasi Lemak 2.0 again.

    Story: 0.5
    Casts: 2.0
    Cinematography: 2.0
    Effects: 2.5
    GREEN-TEA-O-METER: 4.8/20.0

    Hantu Gangster
    Reviewed by Bernard Chungon Aug 20 2012
    Rating: 1.5
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