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    August 7, 2012


    The previously entitled "Kill Bin Laden" movie by Kathryn Bigelow, the director of 2010 Academy Award-winning The Hurt Locker, does have a teaser trailer now, finally. With the tile Kill Bin Laden proved to be too controversial to handle, the new title seems aptly niche, complex yet intriguing as it now flies under the name Zero Dark Thirty. Columbia Pictures of Sony has unveiled a 75-seconds filled with the same questions over and over again "When was the last time you saw Bin Laden?" and now you can view it right after the jump.

    Zero Dark Thirty is based on the actual event surrounding the greatest manhunt ever, leading to the death of the infamous terrorist leader in Pakistan last year. It tells the tale of Navy SEAL Team 6′s mission to locate and eliminate and has an impressive casting to go along with. Zero Dark Thirty stars Joel Edgerton (The Thing), Mark Strong (Green Lantern), Kyle Chandler (Super 8), Jessica Chastain (The Vow), Jennifer Ehle (Contagion), Harold Perrineau (Lost), Scott Adkins (Expendables 2), Edgar Ramírez (Wrath of the Titans), Frank Grillo (The Grey) and Stephen Dillane (Game of Thrones).

    Directed by Bigelow and written by long time collaborator Mark Boal, Zero Dark Thirty will be released on 19 December in the United States just in time for award attention. No words on Malaysian release yet.
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