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    September 29, 2012


    This episode we cover Hawaii Five-O's 'Mother's Day', Revolution's 'Unchained Heat' and Person of Interest's 'The Contingency'.

    HAWAII FIVE-0 (S03E01 Mother’s Day) - Following last season’s highly explosive cliff-hanger, the Five-0 continues their pursuit against the notorious international criminal, Wo-Fat. The third season opens with a lower bang than usual with additional twists been thrown into the mix. As the title suggests, enters the scene for the first time is McGarrett’s mommy who appears to be still in one-piece from a car blast twenty years ago, according to Danno. And she turns out to be the mysterious ‘Shelbourne’ who happens to give some shivers even to Wo-Fat. Wo-Fat gets help from the dirty cops in the HPD with some unknown assets were the trading cards on the deck. Meantime, Chin will have to deal with a devastating loss, that revenge may not be enough after all.

    This episode comes with the usual roller coaster ride is all over again with great mixture of believable and ridiculous action scenes. Understandably, most of the supporting characters are relatively short-lived and underused; the resultant death of key characters could bring in even fresher faces in the future. The best thing in the episode is the fact that how they portray Steve and Doris struggles to rediscover their mother and son relationship. The whole arc is bold and intense, equipped with plenty of exchange batter from the two characters alike. It’s confirmed – Steve inherited much of Doris’ genetic. Well, the third season will definitely give us more questions than answers but we have been there before, so no worry!

    Green Tea Movie rates it B. Last episode was B+.

    REVOLUTION (S01E02 Unchained Heat) - After a dismay and disappointing premier episode, Revolution gets back on the track with much better story-telling and better production value. Continuing the plot of understanding the reason the blackout happened 15 years ago, we have another annoying display from Charlie and another uncomfortable badass-performance from her uncle, Miles. Story-wise, Charlie, Miles, Aaron and Maggie continue to travel together looking for a way to find Danny through Miles' friend Nora who has been captured by the Militia. Charlie and Miles split up from Maggie and Aaron, who shows Maggie the locket that Ben gave him. We all know that the locket has the codes that enable energy to be generated but further than that is still unknown.

    This episode introduces to the audience two characters: the mysterious character known as Randall and Nora. This episode chunks some interesting information and set things into motion. We get a much in-depth look on the rebel who wants to restore the United States, versus the armada of Monroe Republic. It looks like Revolution has raised its bar a little more and it should interesting to see how this will go. While it may have evades The Events’ degrading momentum but it is still not safe from possible Flash Forward-alike cancellation.

    For this episode, Green Tea Movie rates it B-. Last episode was C.

    PERSON OF INTEREST (S02E01 The Contingency) - With Finch still off the grid due to been abducted by Root, Reese becomes alone in the vigilante business. He obtained a new number which he believes could be the key for finding Finch - comes an accountant who hotly pursued by the white supremacists called the Aryan Brotherhood from whom he extorted money. Unfortunately, as he progresses further into the investigation, he realizes that he is the “contingency” or back-up plan for when of anything would ever happen to Finch. Hence, the number the machine gave has nothing to do with Finch. Realizing the Machine has been programmed to continue to send him numbers rather than to look for Finch, Reese negotiates with it and gets his first clue to Finch's location.

    Person of Interest is the best drama on television network last season. The finale episode was brilliant, highly action-octane, as well as satisfying. The first episode of the second season does the same things too, offering more cheeky liners with smart plot and diverging conflicts. This episode has the audiences’ attention to cover two story arcs – one involving the search party formed to find Finch and another involving the Finch-Root’s exposition about Root’s real intention for the Machine. The most valuable progress for Person of Interest is the revelations of more on how the Machine works. We see how Finch trains the Machine to be more than just a machine; virtually becoming more or less an AI in my suspect. With an amazing first episode, we look forward for more of this season and will no doubt continues to be the best drama series yet again.

    For this episode, Green Tea Movie rates it A-. Last episode was A.
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