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    October 29, 2013


    The trailer for Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past has finally arrived. In case you have watched the sneak teaser posted on Instagram few days ago, good for you. But this is the real deal, the big gun, which arrived earlier than expected. The trailer for 20th Century Fox's superhero flick can be viewed in the embedded video after the jump.

    The trailer is 138 seconds long, featuring some of those rumoured things we have expected to see in the first place. The trailer opens with a simple persuasion - to ask you to move on from what we have already knew but at the same time, retain those slight memories of the past. That is essential because it delivers a very important and vivid message to bear in mind since Days of Future Past is all about the reunion of two X-Men universes that have been served out. That one universe by Bryan Singer ended badly with X-Men: The Last Stand with that third instalment is one of the worst in the whole franchise. But then and again, Hollywood textbook told Fox to reboot the series. In 2011, it works miraculously with a critically acclaimed X-Men: First Class which also ended the year on Green Tea Movie's top movie list. It is obvious that Fox is trying so hard to fix those past mistakes now.

    While X-Men is a big property, it is still struggling to cash in comparable amount of box offices that nevertheless are smaller than other big Marvel's properties. The point is, none of the X-Men franchise movie has ever made it to the $500 million mark worldwide. That is the number which Thor almost raked in in 2011 alone. But the wind of change is here. This new trailer contains all the three elements - dark tone, 70s throwback and a reflection of Fox's desperate marketing effort.

    It is obvious that this new trailer is a stench of continuity from the post-credit scene of The Wolverine, where (SPOILER #1: Professor X and Magneto set aside their differences and look out for Wolverine for help. Apparently something is threatening the world of mutants once more!). And the nature of the trailer is constantly dark, which is not surprising as many of today's comic book series tend to follow this mood. Good thing is that the trailer neither overplays the sentiment nor it hits it out randomly.

    As the trailer moves on, we see things get more involved with the 70s setting. More James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender and the rest of the First Class party here and there of course. In time when America was entering a new stage on the Cold War crisis. This suggests the confirmation of what we have been saying or expecting all these while - time traveling and two versions of X-Men characters will appear in a single scene. While this first trailer deals largely to introduce the mass audience about this concept of time travel, the trailer has yet to make any point about the issue and the core story - what threatens the X-Men in the first place? Comic book fans may have guessed it right about the core story or the problem; but let us leave the marketing of this as it is. (SPOILER #2: Hint is here, here and the story is akin to Terminator!)

    Forbes came out with an interesting theory about this brand new trailer and the marketings we have seen so far. In fact, the trailer cements it. It is obvious, that Fox is desperate to market it with hopes that in future box office run, this will become their largest. Having X-Men characters from the two universes makes that senseful. Bringing in the big guns or in this case, two big guns into a single platform is what makes Universal's Fast and Furious franchise still acceptable, successful and raking in more money from one after another.

    While this new trailer practically sells out my expectations by hitting the nails on the idea of mind-time travel and dark tone accurately, I am still a little dubious about its prospects. Since the core story is not the basis of the trailer, it is still unknown if the whole package works and makes justice of this beloved arc story (Days of Future Past is one of the best story arcs ever in any Marvel's history. GO FIGURE?
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