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    November 1, 2013


    Just coming out from the theater but instead of writing the review, I have decided to focus on writing this piece of article first. If you have watched Thor: The Dark World, chances are that there are some questions still bogging you right all the way till now, or maybe you have just figured it out top-bottom. In case, if you want to read my review on Thor: The Dark World, you just have to wait for the next article. Here are my reactions and some possible explanations offered for Thor: The Dark World. Please note that spoilers will ensue. And the official review of Thor: The Dark World is at this link.

    THE STORY: COMIC vs MOVIE (#Spoiler Alert!)

    There are some big differences between the comic arc and the one featured in the movie. Foremost, the premise of this sequel is largely about Thor's personal mission to save Jane Foster from one hell of an evil power and also the one about the Asgardian gods engaging in a war against an evil race with vengeance for destruction from the past. We all know by now that Malekith the Accursed (Christopher Eccleston) will be the main villain and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) will be trying to redeem himself in front of All Father. As suspected, Loki will forever be a thorn in the flesh, skimming a hidden agenda to sit on the throne at the end of the day. It makes sense now that even if Thor personally asked for Loki's help, as indicated in the trailer, Loki's brain is still full of cats and it remains to be see if Thor can even smells it. As the movie progresses right until the end, you may have now understand what is Loki's plan.

    In contrast of merely following the established comic arc where the villain is more associated to the Casket of Ancient Winters than a fluid spirit, Malekith the evil dark elf of Svartalfheim is planning to use the ancient relic Aether during the convergence phenomena. It is when all the nine realms are well-aligned in the universe, on what been described as a rare event occurring once in every 5 millenniums. With Aether, he can destroys the realms simply by plunging them into darkness, consuming the every expensable life. But then and again, the one Aether displayed in the movie is obviously not the same as the one established in the Marvel comics. Aether is more of a symbiote-cum-parasitic entity that exists in the Spider-Man universe, much like Venom. In this movie, it is a powerful relic, described as the Infinity Stone later on. How is this significant, you ask? Proceed to "Six Items" section.

    LOKI'S STATUS? (#Spoiler Alert!)

    Loki cements himself as that same iconic status been thrown around about him since the very first Thor movie and later, in The Avengers movie too. Tony Stark once described Loki as a one who loves adoration, jubilation and subjugations. Also, he loves manipulating people. During the second act, it was revealed that Loki has succumbed to an injury inflicted by Malekith when he and Thor are trying to stop Malekith from obtaining the Aether power. Or it seems so! For one second I thought that Loki might have forget to use his superhero ability, but I did not buy it moments later. Remember when I said he has a plan? Turns out he did have one.

    (Once again, spoiler alert!) At the end of Thor: The Dark World, many would be taken by it with much surprise.
    Now how is it significant to the whole Marvel universe? With Loki's assuming Odin's appearance, there are more strong indications that more cosmic troubles are on the way. Since Thanos' cameo at the end of The Avengers, it seems that we are heading for a cosmic-fueled Avengers plot after this. Do remember that Guardians of the Galaxy is just a year away. But Loki's appearance will only be limited to Thor's sequels only since Kevin Feige has clarified that Loki will not appear in the second Avengers movie.

    MID-CREDIT SCENE (#Spoiler Alert!)

    Like any other Marvel movies, you just have sit through the credits to pick up the crumbs for the future movies. The mid-credit scene depicts the scene where Volstagg and Sif handing the Aether they suppressed and entrusted to a mysterious and eccentric man, known only as "The Collector". Wait, that is Taneleer Tivan and any harder-core fans than me can confirm that. And he is played by Benecio del Toro, whose name has been popping up frequently during the pre-production of Guardians of the Galaxy, heavily rumored to portray an important character and has contract extends to as far as Avengers 3. But you will never be able to buy Collector's genuinely helpful and honest intention to keep the Aether hidden from the enemies of Asgard. Just moments after Volstagg and Sif left, it was later revealed that he mentioned about his desire to collect another five items. "One down. Five to go," as he said.

    Read it on the next section.....


    On a longer run and as rumoured, The Collector is presumed to be collecting a series of items that will culminate into a legendary weapon in The Avengers 3. So he did mentioned that are six items to collect. And many hard-core fans knew he meant that damn godly-divine item called, or at some extent, the Infinity Gauntlet.

    The six items are all related to time (orange), space (purple), reality (yellow), mind (blue), power (red), and soul (green). But neither one has a very specific name in the comic arc. We do know that when all six are combined, the wearer will gained omnipotence. So far, only the Mind and Power gems are introduced in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    In Thor 2, it was mentioned that the Aether, along with the Tessarect are known or referred as the Infinity Stones. Tessarect (blue-mind) was introduced since Captain America: First Avenger and played a major role in The Avengers. Aether (red-power) was introduced in Thor 2 as a source of powerful dark entity. A new one will be introduced in next year's Guardians of the Galaxy - it could be anything so far. All of these six items are also known as the Infinity Gems - consisting of six most valuable items, which I can bet on my money would be the culminate weapon all along till The Avengers 3, at least.



    I believe there are more potent questions to be asked in the next few days. Stay in touch for more soon. In case if you have some doubts, questions or opinions about the whole movie, please feel free to comment below. Let the discussion begins.
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