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    June 12, 2014


    Another raunchy comedy in the making for this Fall, "The Interview" brings the talents of Seth Rogen and James Franco together in this classy comedy action cum spy thriller. The story goes like this - apparently Rogen and Franco are the talk show host and producer who scored a once in a lifetime chance to interview their biggest and unlikely fan in North Korea. Yes, an interview with Kim Jong-Un, the dictator of North Korea is all they get. Just as expected, the CIA just need to step in and instructs the duo to assasinate the dictator.

    Well, it is not like it is the first time we hear this kind of story but director Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg get this one hot following the success of comedy hits like "(Bad) Neighbour" and "This is the End". The teaser trailer is embedded below.

    Let's see - a combination of Borat, Zoolander, The Dictator and Valkyrie, I'm sold! "The Interview" opens in October 2014 but no words on the release date in Malaysia yet. Sony distributes. Lizzy Caplan co-stars.
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