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    August 8, 2009


    If you have read in the net and following the story of the movie Halo, you will know that currently the movie based on the widely popular game is been halted. Halo, is a project been kept on halt and District 9 pair of Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp were attached to the project.

    New words have that Steven Spielberg will be producing Halo Movie as in here. I cannot confirm the truth there but I guess we just believe it and wait till the time comes.

    Spielberg is currently on active discussion to produce the game-theme movie as Spielberg was blown away by Stuart Beattie's take on the game. The script entitled Halo: The Fall of Reach is an adaptation from Eric Nylund's novel. Currently Dreamworks is looking for new material to be launched as their tentpole following seperation from long time partner Paramount Pictures. Spielberg has lost Transformers to Paramount and has already had a few projects in hand.

    Stay tune to GreenTeaWorld as I will get a more concrete news about it.
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