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    September 23, 2009


    Coming this December, Invictus, an upcoming project will see Matt Damon and Clint Eastwood collaborating for the first time. Invictus is a real-life story of rugby player Francois Pienaar (Matt Damon) who with the support of Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman) helped to unite the country in the wake of apartheid.

    Although the movie will only be released soon, sources reported in EO, Variety and Slashfilm quoted that there will be yet another collaboration between Damon and Eastwood again. Well, you don't have to wait to long for the second time to occur. Despite at the age of 79, Clint Eastwood is still looking for fresher subject matter to be explore for his next directorial and with supernatural thriller on the list, what can we expect more?

    No plot has been detailed yet but the movie will have a parallel storyline as in The Sixth Sense. The movie entitled Hereafter, has long been planned supernatural thriller, will see Damon as the main actor and Eastwood as the director. Hereafter is written by Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon) and produced by Kathleen Kennedy and Eastwood himself.

    The project was initially been picked up by Eastwood at late last year while the movie rights was held by DreamWorks. However, Eastwood took the project over to Warner Bros with the blessing of Spielberg himself. Few years back, Eastwood and Spielberg worked together on Flags of Our Fathers and Letters From Iwo Jima which both garnered enough critical appraisal.

    It will be some degree of excitement to see how Dirty Harry would tackle supernatural stuffs on his hand.

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