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    October 14, 2009


    Last week, we mentioned that Gary Ross is pretty much will be developing the Spider-Man spin-off's Venom in years to come. But before that, here is a new project he will be taking from.

    It was reported that Gary Ross will replace Steven Spielberg from the direction of Matt Helm. If you have not already know, Matt Helm is an American "counter-agent" from the 27-novel series by Donald Hamilton. The new film with Paul Attaniasio's writing will probably takes Helm back into the Bourne-styles of action and grit.

    There is a rumor that Bradley Cooper will be starring in the movie but so far no words about it yet.

    According to EO, Spielberg developed the project at Paramount before the split with Dreamworks, and for a while it looked as if he might direct, before he plumped for Harvey the giant rabbit instead. He'll stay on as producer (along with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci) and shooting, if all goes to plan, will start in summer 2010.
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