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    October 22, 2009


    Supernatural theme is getting back those attention again. Recently, the maestro of film-maker, Mr Clint Eastwood aka Dirty Harry himself will be trying his hand out on tackling supernatural theme. Also, Sam Raimi is preparing for a supernatural film based on yeti.

    Now it is Scott Derrickson's attempt to venture back into the supernatural theme. Most recently seen in his partnership with Keanu Reeves in much subpar The Day The Earth Stood Still, Derrickson is set to direct a supernatural suspense thriller, The Living, according sources from Variety and EO.

    The plot is unknown but it is understood that he will be teaming up with his writing partner on The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Paul Harris Boardman. The Living will be produced by Lakeshore, which also has films like Emily Rose and Underworld on them.

    While the development is still pretty much in an early phase, we knew by now that Derrickson is associated with Ghosthouse Pictures' The Substitute, John Milton's Paradise Lost and Dan Simmon's Hyperion. What a busy man!!
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