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    October 22, 2009


    So you may have heard about 2001's Mel Gibson starrer What Women Want, in which he played a guy who could hear what the opposite sex were thinking. Now, introducing the reverse version - a girl who can hear what the opposite sex are thinking.

    EmpireOnline reported that New Line Cinemas have attached Emily Meyer and Amy Adelson of Step Up 3D to write for a teen-romantic-comedy called What Boys Want. Does that sounds anyway familiar?

    Starring Disney's Princess buddy Selena Gomez, it seems that the version will be exactly as that. Although we are not sure practically what is it yet, it could be a sequel, a reboot or a spin-off of Gibson's attempt to win Helen Hunt's heart.

    Is this show Hollywood has no other idea to tackle on till they have to take one old story from the recycle bin and changed or reversed its gender play?
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