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    October 22, 2009


    It was been heavily reported on the troubles Spyglass Entertainment had with shooting will commence soon. The Tourist is the movie I'm talking about. If you missed it, go here to read back.

    The days for anticipation for The Tourist seems waning following Tom Cruise departure from the movie. Cruise was the original star signed for it but passed out in favour of James Mangold's Knight And Day. Sam Worthington (whom we have see him in Terminator Salvation and upcoming Avatar) has now signed to replace Cruise.

    Now, Variety reported that they may have already have a director to attach with - German director Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck, who had a Oscar-winning breakout with his 2006's first film The Lives Of Others.

    Although he has not yet signed on the matter, it is possible that in few days or so, his name will be appeared as a confirmation. Variety is reporting that he has become Jolie’s number one choice for the director’s chair on the film, following several meetings with top-level contenders.
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