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    November 15, 2009


    Months ago, Green Tea Movie
    reported that Sylvester Stallone has his vision sighted for the premise on his next Rambo installment - Rambo 5 that is! On that article, I talked about the involvement of John Rambo back in the Pacific Northwest, taking a squad into a secret military base to shut down a man-beast supersoldier project that has gone wrong.

    Well, news have that plan been scrapped out. That plotline actually comes from
    James Byron Higgin's Hunter, a novel to which Stallone has held the rights. If the novel is to be made into some movie's plot, it will definitely not on Rambo.

    Sly Stallone said in
    his blog that Rambo 5's premise will go back to its initial plan - "Rambo will be heading over the border to a violent city where many young women have vanished," says Sly now. And, he promises, "there will be blood".

    Rambo 5 will not going into some weird and crazy stuffs, well no more. Rambo 5 will start shooting this spring if everything goes on its original plan.
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