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    March 5, 2010


    Cover of "The Dark Fields"Cover of The Dark Fields

    The Dark Fields has been under our radar for quite sometime and it looks like this is going to be interesting. Robert De Niro is casted to join the already casted Bradley Cooper in the movie adaptation based on 2003's Alan Glynn's techno-thriller novel of the same title.

    It's been a busy week for Neil Burger (Illusionist) as he is assembling casts and is expected to start shooting this May. The casting of De Niro looks interesting because his role will have a significant impact on the story. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Banks is rumoured to be signing in as well.

    The script is written by Leslie Dixon that took an adaptation of the Glynn's novel. We will see how Neil Burger can does his magic again.

    The Dark Fields will follow down-and-out New York writer Bradley Cooper, who thinks he’s struck it lucky when he gets hold of a designer drug that gifts him with boosted intelligence and lands him plenty of success. But he soon realises it has a serious downside (drugs are bad, kids, mmkay?) and, between blackouts and other problems, starts to realise shifty people are after him. One of those in pursuit? A genius financial mogul played by De Niro.

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