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    March 8, 2010


    Katy PerryKaty Perry via last.fm

    We reported recently that Neil Patrick Harris is set to star in the planned Smurfs movie under director Raja Gosnell. Click here if you missed that story.

    Nevertheless, the casting became bigger when it was announced that more has already joining the board. The voice talent will be headed by Alan Cumming (X-Men 2) whom will voice Gutsy Smurfs. George Lopez (Valentine's Day) will voice Grumpy Smurfs.

    Fueling in a female power, Katy Perry will now reported to have been casted to voice Smurfette. Jonathan Winters, one of the stalwarts of the cartoon series and aged 84 now, will voice Papa smurfs himself.

    Shooting will started soon under screenplay by David Weiss, J David Stern, Jay Sherick and David Ronn.

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