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    April 8, 2010


    Last article was about Val Kilmer's 1985's cult comedy Real Genius and its remake in modern setting. Wait! Here is another one remake. Taking from the same year of 1985, we have Fright Night and its remake. The remake has a star attached to it, in the form of Star Trek's Anton Yelchin who is negotiating to play Charley Brewster, the lead character.

    It has been long planned after all that the remake is a possible. Back in May 2009, DreamWorks would be remaking this vampire horror film. Only recently, Craig Gillespie was selected to the director seat while Steven Spielberg will be producing it. Martin Noxon, whose works on Buffy TV veteran will do the script for the remake.

    Tom Holland’s 1985 original saw William Ragsdale as Charley, a horror-obsessed teenager who discovers that a vampire named Jerry (Chris Sarandon) has moved into the house next door. But despite his knowledge of vampire lore from the movies, Charley needs a little help when it comes to fighting off the charming undead bastard.

    When is the shooting starts? Unknown yet.
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