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    April 15, 2010


    Two new in-things in Hollywood nowadays. One; young stars coming out producing new project - good. Two; Hollywood's recent rampage on taking on Swedish's stuffs and remake them - not so good.

    Combining the two elements, you have
    Zac Efron who started to distance away from his school days, by teaming up with Warner Bros to produce a film to be adapted following their successful bid for the rights to remake Swedish thriller Snabba Cash.

    Heat Vision Blog reports that the movie, which was based on Jens Lapidus' bestselling novel about JW, a young guy who works as both a taxi driver and a cocaine smuggler. Reports also mentioned that indeed Zac Efron will produce ansd star in the remake and a likely script and director will be locked down really soon.

    Sweden's best export besides IKEA are films like
    Let The Right One In and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo which had both been doing really well in the box office cash and were also snabbed for remake as well by the Hollywood.

    SOURCES: Empire Online, Heat Vision Blog
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