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    May 6, 2010


    Arguably the most popular book-to-film series, akin the Harry Potter franchise, the Twilight fans will be delighted to know that the final chapter of Twilight, Breaking Dawn will be released on November 2011. That’s 1 ½ year wait after the third chapter Eclipse which is due this summer. Oddly enough, the 1 ½ year wait is the same period of time since the Twilight movie in 2008 and the upcoming third installment Eclipse!

    With Breaking Dawn been the longest book in the series and also been the most ‘adult’ and ‘graphic’ chapter in the series, the possibility of the movie to get an R-rated slap could hurt the fan base that comprised of majority young teenage girls. Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg has assured that Breaking Dawn will not be slapped with an R – that’s good news first of all!

    With November 2011 set for release, one thing that did not answered my question is that would it be really two-part finales like what Harry Potter 7 is going to be. Summit Entertainment had only announced one release date, but let’s wait what is the significant for the November 18, 2011!

    SOURCE: Screen Rant
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