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    May 25, 2010


    Make no mistake and the answer for the question is indeed yes! 20th Century Fox is aiming to bring Agent 47 aka Hitman back to life. After a dismay performance for the first one coupled with poor critic reception and a US$ 100 million cash, Deadline revealed that Spanish director Daniel Benmayor is in talk to direct the sequel.

    If Benmayor agreed, this will be his first English-language directorial. Hitman 2 is currently penned by Kyle Ward, who is also responsible for the later this year's Kane & Lynch movie (Bruce Willis/Jamie Foxx in yet another game adaptation).

    The big question is will Timothy Olyphant returns for the role? Not so sure at the moment but Fox is optimist that he will. Recently, Olyphant was casted to replace Sharlto Copley in the alien pic I Am Number Four and is doing well with his TV series Deadwood and the upcoming Justified.

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