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    May 25, 2010


    The Vulture Blog reprted that Ridley Scott is in the middle to form a partnership with Symphony 3D, which manufactures 3D glasses and the MasterImage 3D projection screen. If this by any true, would it means Ridley Scott is also keen on the latest technology that Roger Ebert really despise on?

    3D is the new and current hoo-hah thing. Avatar grossed US$ 748 million on domestic box office with 83% comes from the inflated 3D ticket price. So did Avatar justifies the record or it is just to make it so? 3D for many is just a gimmick and while debates continue to argue the significant or necessity to equip it on movies, Scott his beginning to look ahead.

    It is no surprising that Scott would go to work with a 3D company, considering he is about to start making his planned aliens prequel (presumably in two-parts) soon. Perfectly timing and perfectly argued that the prequels will be in grand garole of 3D too. We are not sure when the all talked about Aliens prequel is going to be made but one thing for sure, going back to the Aliens on Scott style would be perfect.

    Head over to NYMag Vulture Blog to read about the advantage of the partnership - apparently your 3D tickets will be cheaper than the usual.
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