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    May 25, 2010


    The game adapted Prince Of Persia is releasing this weekend through an effort of Jerry Bruckheimer production. Although the video game genre adaptation is not a sure hit - just look at how terrible Silent Hill, Doom or Resident Evil 3 were, news came in as Legendary Pictures (with the usual Warner Bros partnership) is preparing Mass Effect in the movie form.

    Empire Online reported via source from The Heat Vision Blog that Legendary and producer Avi Arad have snapped up the Bioware's title game. Mass Effect follows Commander Shepard in the year 2183, who explores the galaxy in the SSC Normandy, encountering various conflicts with the alien races. Although there are several plot potential in the game that can be used for the movie's plot, I still feel doubt about it. Even plots in games like Doom or Silent Hill failed to achieve a sort of comprehend-able and great story plot, the worry is can they make it a better war film beyond those game's plots.

    According to Wikipedia, Mass Effect primary revovles on:
    Inside the game universe, mass effect is a newly discovered (for humans anyway) physics phenomenon that has properties along the lines of other physics forces such as gravity and electromagnetism. It’s what physicists in real life are currently calling "dark energy", as an explanation for the accelerating expansion of the universe — which has only recently been discovered and flies in the face of the previous notion that the universe’s expansion should be slowing down because of gravity.

    Mark Protosevich (I Am Legend) will write a script. With this development, Mass Effect joins the like of BioShock in the game-spirited movies in current production.
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