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    May 25, 2010


    According to the people in Deadline, Sam Rockwell has been approach to play the role of Sweet Baby Jesus' father Joe, alongside the already signed-up Brit popstar Pixie Lott who will play the modern-day Mary. The film will be Peter Hewitt's direction that takes a modern look for the Yule season.

    The modern day story of the Nativity will see the traveling couple - Joe and his pregnant girlfriend Mary are on their way to Bethlehem, Maryland. During the journey, they get swept by the media furore over a Second Coming. Kim Cattrall will be playing Mary's mom Darlene while Bette Midler will be the innkeeper.

    The story takes a parallel relative setting of the Gospel's Nativity story, adapting it into a modern setting. Sam Rockwell has said, "I loved it. It made me laugh out loud," when responding to the concept of the movie. I hope he is right! Nevertheless, Sam Rockwell has been critically good especially with his lauding performance in Moon and the recently take off Iron Man 2.

    Filming will start this August in Maryland and Ireland. Hopefully, it will be ready for the next Christmas season.
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