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    May 1, 2010


    I hope I wasn't making any mistake but is this Thor as claimed by Yahoo Movie? Apparently he is. Just an hour ago or so (the post is written at 2.30am), the first image (below) of Chris Hemsworth's Thor appeared online. For those of you (cough) still don't know who is he, you may go to this post and I did mentioned about (SPOILER COMING) a scene after Iron Man 2's credit at the end. The image at the final glimpse is a hammer and the rightful owner is him.

    Something's not right. This Thor looks more futuristic than I have ever imagined. Marvel's Norse God doesn't look like this.

    OK, I am now convinced that he does. Issues called off. Now that the one that you see on Iron Man 2 will make a way paved in for the next Marvel's film, Thor. the Kenneth Branagh's film will be released on 5 May 2011, a full 365 days from NOW!
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