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    May 14, 2010


    Naomi Watts is set to star as the iconic sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, in a planned biopic that has caused controversies surrounding the details of the actress' love affair and encounters on the casting couch, as headlined by The Telegraph yesterday.

    Based on the controversial book Blonde, is a fictionalized account of Monroe's life by Joyce Carol Oates back in 2000. How controversial can it be unless some of the outrages account claimed by Oates can be extensively displeasing the fans of the actress - as far as to claimed that she offers sexual favors in order to further her career. Those lucky men include Joe DiMaggio (the Ex-athlete), Arthur Miller (the Playwright) and President John F Kennedy.

    While it remains controversial, Oates claimed that the history may not be accurate but there are some truth in terms of poetic aspect. The movie, also called Blonde will begin production next year, with Andrew Dominik directing.

    SOURCE: Telegraph UK
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