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    June 11, 2010


    Warner Bros has make things a little pushy now - their collaboration with DC Comics has booking several writers to make some script treatment on their new projects - The Flash and Green Lantern 2. Yes, you read it right - Green Lantern 2. While it is amazingly pointed out that Green Lantern is on production with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively starring in it, with no assurance how much money it will make, signing up a new script deal for a sequel looks like a risky business. But, I am practically sure Green Lantern will be a hit, so getting things done now may sounds good now and will mean that the sequel is hot on fast pace.

    Heat Vision Blog says Greg Berlanti and the co-writer of the first Green Lantern, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim will tackle the script for The Flash and Green Lantern sequel. Either way, according to THR, as part of the deal, the trio would then go on and write the screenplay for one of the two projects, though which has not yet been determined. It looks like a straight forward deal because all these while Greg Berlanti has been rumoured not only to write but also to direct the DC flashy-superhero.

    The first Green Lantern is currently filming in New Orleans, and if a treatment is already being sought for the sequel, Warner Bros. must be liking what it is seeing on set. So, The Flash and Green lantern 2 are now on the push-up running. So, do you like 2011 been your superhero year?

    SOURCES: Screen Rant, Heat Vision Blog
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