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    July 7, 2010


    I hate this but the situation in MGM's financial woes have been a moajor roadblock for many wonderful productions from that feline studio. Only yesterday, MGM's The Hobbit was in danger of losing one of its key star when Sir Ian McKellen claimed that his time in The Hobbit is ticking away. McKellen is expected to reprise his role as Gandalf, this time The Grey in the much anticipated prequel tot he Lord of the Rings trilogy. If Ian McKellen leaves, the movie can be sead too.

    Here'a another sad news. MGM's next James Bond movie is now officially shift from stalled to dead status. Yes, you heard it right, the next outing for 007 is now cancelled and dead! According AICN, all the development for the next James Bond movie (supposedly very exciting since Sam Mendes was the attached director with a shocking script from the brilliant peter Morgan) has ceased, at least for the moment been. But to rescucitate a new movie after this hiatus may takes up to years. Evidently, there was a gap of 6 years between Timothy Dalton's last appearance as the Agent 007 in 1989's License To Kill and Pierce Brosnan's first GoldenEye in 1995 - the last time when Bond faced a similar trouble to start a new project due to MGM's decades long financial problems.

    I won't be worried much in a longer term because of the potential from the franchise, the world still need another James Bond's outing. Sooner, somebody will step forward to buy that piece of rights from MGM and make a new film in the future. However, if things are shaping to what it is going to be with a long hiatus and new fresh air of ideas, chances are we won't be able to see Daniel Craig again. It's a waste - considering the fact that I love Craig's outing as James Bond more than his predecessor but the studio is seriously making lots of unattended shits around.

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