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    November 15, 2010


    Entertainment Tonight featured the first look into the possibly new teaser trailer of next Summer's Green Lantern. Warner Bros is speculated to feature the new trailer along with this week's release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Here is the first look of the 30 seconds preview obtained from ET and YouTube.

    Feeling excited? Catch Green Tea Movie this week while we wait for the official release soon. ET has confirmed that the new trailer may make its way this Tuesday (Wednesday here). So do check it out when the time arrives.

    Green Lantern, which stars Ryan Reynolds as the titular character is directed by Martin Campbell (who last directed The Edge of Darkness and Casino Royale). The movie also stars Blake Lively, Mark Strong and Peter Sarsgaard; whom took on the role of Carol Ferris, Sinestro and Dr Hector Hammond (main villain) The movie will arrived on June 17, 2011 in USA and is scheduled to open on June 16 in Malaysia.

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