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    December 21, 2010


    Tron: Legacy opened last week across the globe and features some of the spectacular visual effects we have seen over years. In case you have not read, GREEN TEA MOVIE has reviewed the film and reserved some mixed feelings about the movie. You can read our review here. Tron: Legacy is critical for its uninspired and weak screenplay but is heavily praised for the technical aspect of the movie; with great use of 3D, detailed special effects and awesome music score.

    Earlier this year, GREEN TEA MOVIE has wrote an article about Inception, where we discussed on the ending, explanation in regards the movie and the necessary guide to go through the movie. This time, as one of the most talked about of this holiday season, we thought TRON: legacy deserved a similar article too. Thus, comes TRON: Legacy - Explanations and Guides! (Probably Part One)

    FAQs about TRON: Legacy

    The following FAQs contain spoilers and details from two TRON movies. The original Tron was released back in 1982. To avoid major spills, I have categorized the explanations and details provided based on the movie. While it is important to note that there are some spoilers may be spilled out for TRON: Legacy, it is still essential to read about details from the first Tron for the guide. Therefore, watch for these two tags - [Informations from TRON] and [Spoilers from TRON LEGACY]

    1. What I need to know about the first Tron movie?
    [Informations from TRON: The first Tron movie was released back in 1982. Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) is a gifted game programmer who works for ENCOM. After creating several successful games and prepares to present his works to the senior executives, rival Ed Dillinger (David Warner) steals his work, moving him into promotions rather than Flynn. Three years later, Dillinger is now the senior executive and ENCOM is run mainly by the Master Control Program (MCP), an artificial intelligence that started as Dillinger's chess program. After been fired from ENCOM, Flynn attempts to breach into the company's mainframe and find the evidence he needs to prove Dillinger's wrongdoing.

    Kevin Flynn in the original 1982's Tron
    Flynn's best friend, Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) reveals that he is working on a security program known as Tron. Flynn enlists the help of Bradley and his girlfriend Lora Baines (Cindy Morgan) to help Flynn to take down the MCP. After being convinced that Flynn is looking for evidence that he was cheated by Dillinger, Alan and Lora sneak him into the laser lab, where he works on forging an access code for a different security group. This would allow him to find the information he is looking for, and would also allow Alan to finish his work and get Tron online.

    When Flynn is trying to assert his control over the MCP, the latter takes control of the laser and suddenly digitizes Flynn into the world inside the Computer World, where programs are physical characters that resemble their creators. Flynn and a number of other Programs are soon taken to meet Sark (Dillinger's counterpart in the digital world). Sark tells each of the Programs that either they can join the MCP willingly, or they will be forced to compete in gladiator-style games that will result in their eventual elimination. Each Program receives an identity disc that stores their actions and experiences, and also doubles as a powerful weapon.]  For more about the story, it would be best if you watch Tron for yourself.

    2. What/Who is Tron?
    Tron, the program written by Alan Bradley in 1982's Tron
    Tron is actually a security computer program that is written by User Alan Bradley, Kevin Flynn's main ally in ENCOM. [Informations from TRON: Tron first serves as the bridge between the MCP in the digital world and the outside users, in which Alan Bradley attempts to bring it into the Master Control Program (MCP) for overseeing the activities there. When his proposal was dismissed by Ed Dillinger, Tron was taken prisoner by MCP and was forced to play on the Gladiator-like Grid Game. He developed the skills and was regarded as a warrior and legend in The Grid and Computer World. In Tron, he defeated the MCP with the aid of digitized User Kevin Flynn.]

    [Spoilers from TRON LEGACY: After Flynn's success in creating and entering the digital world, he brought Tron and a program upon his image Clu into the world to oversees the Programs and helping his vision to create a perfect Computer World. Over time, Clu feels his efforts have not been fully appreciated by Flynn and attempts a coup with some Programs against Flynn. as a result, Flynn is trapped in the Computer World and Tron is presumably derezzed (killed) by Clu (now Clu 2).]

    3. What is The Grid?
    The Grid or Game Grid is part of the Computer World where Programs play and compete in several Gladiator-like challenges. Some of the popular games in The Grid include Lightcycle racing, Disc War (or also known as Disc Arena) and a modified version of Jai alai.

    NOTE: For the game-play of the real form of Jai alai, watch the video below:

    The Grid layout as portrayed in 1982's Tron
    The Grid is characterized from both the Tron movies as 'a plain and sometimes modified with extra detour routes' layout of several miles in width and resembles 'graph paper'. In the original Tron, the giant wall that surrounds the Grid is encrypted with numerical symbols. Unlike the original movie, the new look of The Grid looks cleaner

    4. Why is the disc been so essential for everyone in the Computer World?

    Light Disc used in 1982's Tron
    [Informations from TRON: In the first Tron, Sark used to say this - "Everything you do or learn will be imprinted on this disc.." In fact it is true, the Light Disk that everyone in the Tron Universe seems to have is in fact a very valuable item.] Known as Light Disc or Identity Disc, the disc serves several purposes for each Program:
    1. It records what you have learn, do and see in the Computer World.
    2. It is used during the combat at The Grid (particularly Disc Arena); either to dodge opponent's disc or to throw it towards the opponent (as a weapon). Once the disc hits on the opponent, he or she will be instantly derezzed.
    3. It stores some important informations about the Programs including their digital 'DNA' base or code written by the User.

    The new light disc design as seen in Tron: Legacy
    The discs can be seen in variants throughout 1982's Tron and Tron: Legacy. You can read more from LA Times' The Hero Complex for more on the disc at here.

    5. Who is User and Program in Tron Universe?
    Clu 2 is a program that took the representatives from his user, Kevin Flynn
    This is rather a simple question to answer. [Informations from TRON: Users are the computer users like you and me. The Program is literally the item been manipulated by the user inside the Computer World. Some Programs look up at their Users as their God while some doubt the existence of their Users. In the Computer World, the Program takes after the image and natural descriptions of the User. For example, Alan Bradley is the user, where he created his own Program inside the digital world, known as Tron. Similarly, Kevin Flynn's program is Clu.]

    6. How can one human get into the Computer World?
    [Informations from TRON: In the original 1982's Tron movie, Kevin Flynn was kidnapped into the Computer World when he tried to take control over the Master Control Program (MCP). MCP gained control of the ENCOM's laser beam technology which is designated to digitize objects in the real world and turning into cluster of information in the form of bytes. Theoretically, the device is not able to work and ENCOM earlier intention is to use the device as a form of transportation, rather than creating a portal into the Computer World.] [Spoilers from TRON LEGACY: As indicated in Tron: Legacy, Sam Flynn found out that his father was working on some form of laser technology on the night he went missing. No matter what, it is believed that the laser technology is not complete yet.]

    7. What other terms I need to know before I watch TRON: Legacy?
    So far, I have introduced several terms already; including User, Program, Tron, Light Disc, The Grid and a few others. Here, we continue to discuss on several more terms that may be deemed necessary to know in prior of watching TRON: Legacy.

    David Warner as Ed Dillinger in 1982's Tron
    Beau Garrett stars as Gem in Tron Legacy
    Rinzler in TRON: Legacy

    Quorra (Olivia Wilde) is the last known ISOs in the Tron universe
    1. The Dillingers: [Informations from TRON: In Tron, Ed Dillinger (David Warner) was the main antagonist together with his program called Sark. Ed Dillinger has been stealing informations from Flynn about new games, causing the resignation of Kevin Flynn from ENCOM. Eventually, Dillinger became the senior executive and utilize MCP to run the company. Kevin Flynn's attempted to breach it to retrieve important pieces of information in regards of Dillinger's wrongdoings.[Spoilers from TRON LEGACY: The next line will be completely a spoiler: Ed Dillinger's son, Edward appeared in the early point of the movie at the scene during the executive meeting to launch the new OS. Edward was played by Cilian Murphy in an uncredited role.]
    2. Sirens: Sirens are the Program that operate The Grid game armory, equipping combatants with the armor needed to compete in the games. [Spoilers from TRON LEGACY:In the movie TRON: Legacy, there are four Sirens. One of them is Gem, an ISO who helped Sam Flynn to find Zuse at the End Of Line club.]
    3. Rinzler: He is Clu 2's right hand man and enforcer. He is an exceptionally skilled warrior and the elite combatant in all games in the Grid. [Spoilers from TRON LEGACY: However, at the end of TRON: Legacy, it is revealed that Rinzler is actually TRON who was reprogrammed following the coup against Flynn back in the day.]
    4. End Of Line: There are double meaning for this term. [Informations from TRON: In the original Tron movie, the 'End Of Line' means an informal goodbye or phrase commonly used to indicate farewell.] The other meaning seems to be the reference to the End Of Line Club is an exclusive club owned by Castor, a flamboyant and vivacious program. The club is located on top of the tallest tower in Tron City and is headlined by two MP3s (Daft Punk).
    5. Derezzed: Derez is a term to describe someone or something disappearing or dissolving, essentially resulting in deletion. On the other hand, Rez is the opposite of the term.
    6. ISOs or Isomorphic Algorithms: ISOs are the race of Programs that aren't created by the Users and are self-created. Their existence is considered by Kevin Flynn as a miracle. However, Clu 2 considers them an obstruction in his mission to create the perfect system. The ISOs can be easily identified with their glowing symbols on their arm.

    8. What are the type of transportation modes used in the Tron Universe?
    Tron Universe or the Computer World itself is a huge area of space within the computer. Travelling from Tron City to the opening input/output portal is tiresome. Therefore, Programs in the Computer World use various form of mode of transports are definitely necessary. Why don't you impressed others who have not watched Tron or Tron: Legacy by telling and explaining to them with these types of cool transportation medium in TRON: Legacy?

    The Recognizer
    1) Recognizer: It is used as a troop transport in TRON: Legacy. It is one of the most important and significant mode of transport, memorable for its ability to stomp its enemies in first Tron movie.

    The Light Cycle
    2) Lightcycle: You've seen this motorcycle in various occasions and times now in the original Tron, trailers and posters. Cool bike to have! Unlike the original Tron, the Light Cycle in the new Tron movie does not have a cockpit shield in front of it. As usual, the Light Cycle emits a jet-wall stream during the Grid Game and shall be avoided by other combatants.

    The Light Jet been rezzed by a Program
    3) Light Jet: Exactly the same as Light Cycle, but it is a airplane version. It flies, emitting a deathly jet-wall stream and equipped with weapon for hostility engagement.

    The Light Runner
    4) Light Runner: Light Runner is another version of Light Cycle. It accommodates passengers and has the ability to operate outside of The Grid.

    The Solar Sailer
    5) Solar Sailer: Solar Sailer is a large cargo hauler that resembles train. In the Tron: Legacy, it serves as one of the main transport to get out of the Tron City to the portal of input/output.

    [END OF LINE: At least for now] If you have questions, doubts or anything unclear about TRON: Legacy or the TRON universe itself, feel free to send out your thoughts, questions or concerns (as well as corrections) on the comment box below.
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