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    December 19, 2010


    TRON: Legacy beats the industrial expectation by sailing past $18 million on the opening day at US Box Office. TRON: Legacy has been a tough pic to sell considering the original 1982 TRON was not a massive received back then. Over the years, TRON has developed a cult following for and despite the mixed review on GREEN TEA MOVIE, Tron: Legacy still an enjoyable movie after all.

    The reportedly $200 million heavily effects production has been embroiled in difficulties and some industries predicted TRON: Legacy to open low on the opening weekend. Distributor Walt Disney could now breath a sigh of relief, considering the pricey sci-fi is on its way for $45 to $48 million opening. Movies opening on December usually have a lengthy leg at the box office chart. Final $200 million is still possible while more is expected to groom from the oversea markets.

    Another 3D pics, Warner Bros' Yogi Bear opens with $4.6 million for a possible $15 million opening. That's a third from 2006's Alvin and the Chipmunks' opening.

    How Do You Know has landed with a loud thud. Sony's romantic comedy grabbed $2.55 million on Friday, which means it's headed for about $7.7 million. That's incredibly disastrous for a film with a reported production budget of $120 million.

    SOURCE: Box Office
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