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    January 17, 2011


    Last week, Sony released what it looks like to be the first image from the upcoming Spider-Man movie reboot. The reboot has Marc Webb behind the camera, starring Andrew Garfield in the iconic role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Spider-Man also has Gwen Stacey as the leading female role, played by equally stunning rising star, Emma Stone.

    Now, with the shooting underway, Spider-Man in the form of Webb's version is already pretty much setting itself  distinctions from the successful Sam Raimi's Spidey trilogy. Webb prefers a young talent in the form of Andrew Garfield who has gave a convincing act in the recent Sony's hit - The Social Network. Sony in the same time prefers a reboot approach rather than continuing where Raimi left the story as.

    If you have been constantly seeing this picture, well please look again. This time have a closer look at Garfield's left arm. There were rumors these past few days on whether Webb's version of Spider-Man would shoots web naturally or artificially. The answer was the latter and this was confirmed by Emma Stone in an interview with MTV at last night's Golden Globe Awards. She confirmed that Peter Parker’s web-slinging powers come from a “device,” confirming that Webb’s take on Spider-Man will follow the original comics in this respect, having Parker develop the wrist-mounted tech himself.

    I am not sure how fans would react to the news, but as for Green Tea Bern, it doesn't matter. As long as the story, style and pace could be as breathtaking as Raimi's version, it should be subtle for me.

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