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    April 19, 2011


    Deadline lays a first hand to this story. Oh well veteran Sylvester Stallone wants you to know that despite so much rumors going on that he will be back in the director's seat for the sequel of last year's testosterone mega-fest, The Expendables. The tough man makes it clear that "I'm not directing 'Expendables' sequel!"

    The first movie grossed a large $275 million worldwide for Lionsgate and it would be a no-brainer that the studio will not cash more cows with authorizing a sequel. Yes, the sequel is already in the development. The film's script is reportedly ready and it would be made ready for 2012 release.

    There is no confirmations whether Jason Statham (Lee Christmas), Mickey Rourke (Tool), Jet Li (Ying Yang) and Dolph Lundgren (Gunnar Jensen) will be back. A visit to the IMDB's page listed them as 'rumored'. We also know that Stallone has been supportive about the idea of bringing back Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis back after a captivating cameo appearances for both in the first movie. I have to say that cameo scene was the thing that I was looking forward in 'The Expendables'.

    While we are waiting for The Expandables 2 to be shot into making, Stallone is next to star in the drama Headshot, directed by Walter Hill and possibly also featuring Thomas Jane. Green Tea Movie will bang ya heads more if we have more details on the sequel. Cheers!

    [SOURCE: Deadline]
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