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    May 9, 2011


    Over the weekend, the US Box Office saw four new-comers that officially kicks off the summer.

    Marvel Studios' "Thor" might not have an opening akin to the large numbers of Iron-Man or Spider-Man, but hammered out instead an estimated $66 million start for first place finish. It was indeed still a solid number considering the movie that is based on the less popular Marvel's Norse God superhero. It handily dominated the weekend despite some competition from the fellow actioner "Fast Five", emergingas currently the year's second best opener behind last week's champ Fast Five's $86.2 million opening. It also meant Thor had the third highest first weekend gross for the beginning of a Marvel movie franchise, but not so when comparing to other beginner in term of attendance. Thor's 3D business represents about 60% of the business. Paramount's exit polling indicated that Thor's audience skewed male (63 percent) and age 25 years and older (72 percent). The IMAX number was around $6.6 million. The overseas number for Thor looked even more impressive. Thor has earned an impressive $176 million in 11 days and was already better than the lifetime international gross of fellow X-Men and Fantastic Four.

    Meanwhile, last week champ Fast Five grossed another $32.5 million, a drop of 62% for a total cume of $139.9 million in 10 days. Overseas' numbers were encouraging and much more blistering with so far collected $184.8 million from the foreign market.

    Two wedding-themed comedies debuted on solid numbers to capitalize the Mother's Day weekend. Sony Pictures' "Jumping the Broom" had a slight marginal win against Warner Bros' "Something Borrowed". Jumping The Broom's opening is more impressive and over-grossed due to the fact it was less known, less marketed and targeting more on African-American than the Warner Bros' movie. Jumping The Broom grossed an estimated $13.7 million from 2,035 locations while Something Borrowed grossed $13.2 million from 2,904 locations (more locations that is). Something's audience was 73 percent female and 65 percent 25 years of age and older, according to distributor Warner Bros., while Jumping's audience was 70 percent female and 64 percent 35 years of age and older, according to distributor Sony Pictures.

    The other high-profile opening of the weekend was Jodie Foster’s The Beaver, which launched in a limited run. Headlining Mel Gibson, the drama got off to soft start for Summit Entertainment, grossing an estimated $104,000 from 22 locations in top markets for a per-screen average of 4,745.

    The rest of the Box Office numbers can be obtained below:

    Rank Title Weekend Gross ($) Change (%) Total Gross ($)
    1 THOR 66,000,000 NEW 66,000,000
    2 FAST FIVE 32,519,000 -62.3 139,853,000
    3 JUMPING THE BROOM 13,700,000 NEW 13,700,000
    4 SOMETHING BORROWED 13,155,000 NEW 13,155,000
    5 RIO 8,200,000 -44.5 114,902,000
    6 WATER FOR ELEPHANTS 5,600,000 -40.1 41,614,000
    3,900,000 -60.4 46,806,0000
    8 PROM 2,425,000 -48.5 7,800,000
    9 SOUL SURFER 2,100,000 -37.6 36,679,000
    1,880,000 -54.2 6,714,0000
    11 INSIDIOUS 1,324,000 -50.8 50,304,000
    12 SOURCE CODE 1,238,000 -50.7 50,938,000
    *Note: All figures are ESTIMATED grosses. Courtesy of BOX OFFICE MOJO
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