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    July 10, 2011


    Hey folks, maintaining sites like the one you are reading are never easy, especially when there is only one author to do all the stuffs. Sometimes, certain movies when under the radar and it is a little shame that these movies did not made it into the one-article movie review. There are times, we did not get them a proper treatment. The facts are; sometimes these movies are watched after the theatrical run has ended in the local cinemas and sometimes we just too hectic to write one especially when there are tonnes of movies released in within a week.

    On the part 2 of the reviews under the radar, we have "Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil" and "Dylan Dog: Dead of Night". Read them after the jump.


    Genre: Comedy/Animation/Family
    Release Date: 9 June 2011
    Running Time: 97 minutes
    Distributor: Nusantara Edaran Filem (Lionsgate)
    Director: Mike Disa
    Screenplay: Cory Edwards, Mike Disa, Todd Edwards, Tony Leech
    Starring: Glenn Close, Hayden Panettiere, Cheech Marin, Patrick Warburton, Joan Cusack, Bill Hader

    Plot: Red (Hayden Panettiere) is in training for the Sister Hoods. Now, teaming up with Wolf (Patrick Warburton), Red must investigate the mysterious disappearance of Hansel and Gretel (Bill Hader and Amy Poehler).

    Short Review: It's little disquieting to see how they treated this animated sequel. I enjoy the first one although it is not a quality that you can put it on par with any animation from Pixar or DreamWorks. The second one feels bad. The plot is predictable but that is not an issue I find it disturbing. One common problem for an uninspiring animation is the fact that the general feels when watching this are rather cliche, lame and boring make it an annoying issue. If you don't mind watching something like this, it should be an OK movie for you to watch with. The twists on the plot are barely enjoyable too. All the stellar voice casts is the only credit it deserved. I heard from the US critics have been saying that the 3-D is bad! Watch this if only you do not know what to do on a lazy Sunday. Rent it instead!

    Story: 2.0
    Casts: 3.0
    Cinematography: 3.0
    Effects: 3.0
    GREEN-TEA-O-METER: 10.2/20.0


    Genre: Thriller/Horror/Mystery
    Release Date: 9 June 2011
    Running Time: 108 minutes
    Distributor: Ram Entertainment (Freestyle Releasing in US)
    Director: Kevin Munroe
    Screenplay: Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer; based on Dylan Dog by Tiziano Sclavi
    Starring: Brandon Routh, Sam Huntington, Anita Briem, Peter Stormare

    Plot: "Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night" is a new horror/thriller film that's based on the Italian comic book of the same name. Brandon Routh ("Superman Returns") stars as Dylan Dog a private investigator that specializes in the affairs of the undead. With his business card that reads "No Pulse? No Problem" and armed with an arsenal of silver and wood-tipped bullets, Dylan's definitely not your usual investigator. For Dylan's latest case, he's entrusted to track down a dangerous artifact before a war ensues between his werewolf, vampire and zombie clients living undercover in the monster-infested backstreets of New Orleans.

    Short Review: Dylan Dog graphic novel is never a hot property to begin with. Considering the amount of risk the filmmakers are staking in to make this film, the movie generally does not work at the level of expectation. The movie version starring Superman graduate Brandon Routh offers little excitement and does not give the proper justice to the Italian original comic book. The movie is not bad, it's just cheesy and lame to begin with. There are however some exciting and enjoyable moments, while the movie also packed with equally time share for silliness. Brandon Routh's performance as the titular private investigator of the undead is commendable, although not great. I actually like how the movie is filmed in a noir satire fashion that pays some tribute to the comic setting. I just want to say that Dylan Dog isn't that bad, just that the movie looks cheap, as if it is a direct-to-DVD release. It's just an average thriller and horror movie!

    Story: 2.5
    Casts: 3.0
    Cinematography: 3.0
    Effects: 3.0
    GREEN-TEA-O-METER: 11.1/20.0
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