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    August 3, 2011


    Green Tea Movie would like to take readers into an unfamiliar zone. No trailers, no reviews and certainly no movie news for this article; just an insightful list of top 15 highest earning actor of the year. If you are complaining about how big your paycheck is, (am pretty sure none of us are anyway – pun intended) please do check Forbes Magazine’s annual list of highest paid actors in Hollywood. It was released in Forbes’ blog and highlighted by Slash Film. Shutter Island and Inception star Leonardo DiCaprio earning the top spot with $77 million revenue in the past year. For more on the top 15, please proceed right after the jump.

    Johnny Depp comes in second but with an earning nowhere close to DiCaprio’s one. He earned $50 million but is still ahead of Adam Sandler’s $40 million paycheck. Here’s the list in full:

    1. Leonardo DiCaprio ($77 million)
    2. Johnny Depp ($50 million)
    3. Adam sandler ($40 million)
    4. Will Smith ($36 million)
    5. Tom Hanks ($35 million)
    6. Ben Stiller ($34 million)
    7. Robert Downey Jr ($31 million)
    8. Mark Wahlberg ($28 million)
    9. Tim Allen ($22 million)
    10. Tom Cruise ($22 million)
    11. Jim Carrey ($20 million)
    12. Daniel Craig ($20 million)
    13. Robert Pattinson($20 million)
    14. Brad Pitt ($20 million)
    15. Matt Damon ($18 million)

    Note: The figures are estimates based on conversations with “agents, lawyers, producers and other industry insiders,” and reflect gross pretax income earned between May 1, 2010 and May 1, 2011. Fees paids to management, agents, or attorneys were not taken out of the figures.

    The list is rather surprising because old-timers are still conquering the list. Number 13 Robert Pattinson is the only notable exception. At the age 25, he is earning $20 million and is in the top list, presumably ditching Daniel Radcliffe who was in the top 10 last year.

    DISCUSS: Do you think these actors deserved what they get? What is your opinion on the missing Daniel Radcliffe?

    [SOURCES: Forbes Blog, Slash Film]
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