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    July 11, 2012


    Yesterday when I have a peek on the Facebook wall and timeline, there was just one thing that dominated the whole mural of statuses. It must have been going around for like hours then. What initially started out as a joke about your friendly-almighty-Avenger-superhero Thor, turned out into something so huge and so viral that it became both laughable and annoying at the same time. This Thor joke is not something new on the internet because I remembered reading something like Mo-Thor-ola or Jani-Thor like few weeks ago. Then came CheeChingy and her creations (that was very creative and nicely done, Thor-gh!), as well as tonnes of others which I can't recalled who invented those, and even there are things like this, this and this on the wall today.

    So the end game is - I am pretty sure some who enjoy laughing at these Thor-Joke and there will be some who doesn't find it anymore enjoyable or rather annoying. Let's ask these guys what do they think about it!

    Captain Jean Luc Picard of USS Enterprise sarcastically says out of his annoyance, apparently!

    Jules Winnfield was not happy as well, calling for head on those posters.

    Patrick Bateman was not happy either, threatening to chop Thor like a tree apparently

    We heard that Willy Wonka may tried something tonight. Just beware!

    Fry was not enthusiast about this whole joke!

    Dom in his failed attempt to convince Fischer Jr in his inception mission yet again we heard!

    Prof. Giorgios of Ancient Aliens fame, when we asked about his opinion about this phenomenon simply says....

    The Dark Knight apparently found the culprit - Joker, they said

    That's all folks

    Note: all memes are generated by me, not copied from anyone or any source but shall they be resemblance and similarities, it is vividly coincident!!

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