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    January 6, 2012


    Last May, Green Tea Movie reported that a thriller which based on the real-life event coming during the final days of al-Qaeda's leader, Osama bin Laden has been pushed into development after the rights have been secured by Columbia Pictures. Fast into the brand new year, it becomes official now that the movie is, well...official. Updates after the jump.

    Slash Film reported that the Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal's project was now made official. With an aim for February shooting, the cast is fast expanding as some of the big names like Joel Edgerton, Jessica Chastain, Edgar Ramirez, Mark Strong, as well Chris Pratt and Jason Clarke, are in negotiations to join the movie. It is worthy to mention though that as of now, only Edgerton (top choice) and Jason Clarke have 'officially' join the casting.

    Nothing much about the plot but we do know that it will definitely tells the story from the Navy SEAL's point-of-view and their mission that ultimately found and killed the terrorist leader. Before President Obama's announcement back in May 2011, Bigelow has depicted the movie as "a failed mission to hunt him but a rewrite was believe to be on-going to change it into a happy ending".

    The previously entitled 'Kill Bin Laden' movie (which I believe will no longer be it) will sees its release on December 19, a mere 11 months to go.
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